Gutter Guard

Gutter guard is a leaf screener that keeps your gutters clean and free of leaves, birds, and pests. It’s made of durable, powder-coated.

You have your choice of mesh aperture of either 3mm x 4mm or 2mm fine mesh, making it suitable for both tile and metal roofs. It helps extend the life of your gutters and comes with a 15-year material warranty.

Gutter Guard aids rainwater harvesting to ensure maximum water collection and bird-proofing around solar panels.


  • No more cleaning your gutters

  • Prevents leaves from causing overflows

  • Bird and pest proofing

  • Suitable for all bushfire zones

  • Helps extend the life of your gutters

  • 15-year material warranty

  • Aids rainwater harvesting by keeping gutters clear

Installation methods

MKG Maintenance installers use the “ski slope” technique for gutter guard installations on both Metal and Tile roof profiles. This method effectively safeguards roof gutters, valleys, and downpipes, which prevents the entry of leaves, debris, and pests.

We supply and install gutter guard on both commercial and residential properties.

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